Private at home ? It’s up to you !


With Ombinome, enjoy Belovia’s expertise !

Ombinome affords you an effortless and painless duo method for pulling on stockings.

Ombinome, universal device designed for all types of compression stockings has many assets :

  • compact, lightweight and resistant
  • easy to tidy away and carry
  • ergonomic form for better handling
  • hook free sliding mechanism
  • 5-year guarantee

Ombinome is used by duo at home by conjoint or nurses and auxiliary nurses when they visit you.

Ombinome is also very practical for pregnant women in duo or solo use.

You will find Ombinome on sale in our partner shops.


1 – Heel backwards, roll the stocking across the top of Ombinone to the end.

2 – Insert the patient’s foot and move Ombinome up to the calf whilst ensuring that the stocking is correctly fitted to the foot and the heel.

Important notice – Depending on the morphology of the foot, it may be necessary to apply effort when rolling the stocking over the heel.

Tricks !

* if the foot is a little wide, do not hesitate to move it appart from the head of Ombinome at the beggining of donning (left diagram)

* with one hand you can bring the textile towards the heel to cross it easier, while taking Ombinome with the other hand

3 – Finish off by gently moving up the stocking (please read the notice of the stocking) and make sure there are no creases on the length of the leg.