The "Belovia"

The first stocking donner for auxiliary nurses.

This medical device is exclusively designed for professional in healthcare establishments


The « Belovia » – before called OmbiStocking – is the first in a range of products aimed at pulling on stockings which provides a unique solution to a routine which can lead to physical and psychological suffering. It is intended for use by healthcare professionals and saves time as well as improving their welfare by making the task less strenuous (and no longer a potential source of RSI).

The « Belovia » allows compression stockings to be fitted to a patient and rolled up over the knee whether the patients is sitting up or lying down, and whether his legs are dry or wet and without the patient having to extend his feet. The system bears virtually all the strain: it is easy to use Class III compression stockings and new stockings.

Thanks to the « Belovia » you can put the compression on without having to apply any force on the limb, which is an essential benefit when looking after patients immediately following surgery or with varicose ulcers or fragile skin.

Frequent field trips, an in-depth bibliographical study and many meetings with professionals led us to the following 3 observations :
1- Putting on compression stockings can be painful both for the auxiliary nurse and the patient
2- Class III medical compression is poorly applied
3- Auxiliary nursing is one of the professions with the highest rates of absenteeism because of occupational illnesses


We designed the « Belovia » to address these problems :
Portable : fostering the relationship between auxiliary nurses and patients
Electrical : replacing human strain (and avoid RSI)
Design : falling into current standards while making meaningful, acceptable changes
User-friendly : comforting everyone

A range of benefits are provided for three entrants :

For the patient : The stockings is extended with the aid of a purpose-designed frame that ensures the stocking can be rolled on far more easily, without rubbing against the skin and with minimal manipulation of the patient’s leg. People having tested the device unanimously said it was easy to use and much more comfortable, i.e. there was less pain and less risk of damaging skin on frail patients.

For the healthcare worker : All of the ergotherapists who have seen the device expressed their interest ; those who have seen how it works appreciate the reduced strain and confirm that the incidence of repetitive strain injuries could be reduced because certain movements are performed far less often than with the conventional method. In other words, there is less fatigue, less pain and fewer accidents for auxiliary nurses. the « Belovia » enables you to put a Class III compression stocking or a new stocking onto a patient’s leg even when wet following bathing.

For healthcare institutions and health insurers : by reducing the problems caused by putting on Class III stockings for patients AND healthcare staff, we aim to increase the rate at which this compression is applied correctly and thereby improve the healing rate. This will translate into savings for the healthcare system.

Absenteeism represents a very high cost for institutions. We estimate that one day’s absence by an auxiliary nurses is worth at least 300 Euros.

Key gesture 1 – put the compression stocking on the spreading frames.
Press the extending button to spread the frames, no effort needed.
Key gesture 2 – rotate around the heel.
Holding the frames, pull the device alongside the leg.
Key gesture 3 – gentle release : slide softly the device out of the compression stocking.

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