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BELOVIA designs and sells a range of products to assist actions and gestures commonly undertaken by professionals and private individuals, and based on caring. Caring? This is the dual spirit which shapes our products; duality between the patient and carer.

BELOVIA has, therefore, reinvented relations between patients and carers by developing products which facilitate actions and gestures which are caring and re-instil a degree of humanity, thanks to solutions which rely on the involvement of people, rather than automated machines.

Our solutions are intended to assist carers in repetitive and painful actions and gestures and which will also reduce the suffering of the patient, for whom assistance naturally becomes more acceptable. BELOVIA does not sell automated assistance systems, nor machines which are intended to replace commonly-undertaken actions or gestures. It sells caring solutions, products which are based on human relations where the device will handle the discomfort involved in relations and will enrich the relationship between the patient and the carer. Consequently, the carer is empowered in his/her role and the patient feels an increased level of care and attention. Control of the product by the patient and carer further consolidates their mutual trust. It is a win-win solution.



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BELOVIA develops solutions which are primarily intended for patients and carers in post-surgical hospital departments, retirement homes, rehabilitation, specialist care homes, medical care homes and home carers.

There is a high level of absenteeism amongst care workers, which is intrinsically linked to working conditions and RSI (repetitive strain injury) due to the strain and repetitiveness of actions and gestures commonly undertaken through their work. Social care establishments are seeing a major impact on their employees. The consequences are significant and include people on long-term sick leave, repeated absences, difficulties in replacing staff and, therefore, reduced profitability.

Patients regularly suffer from discomfort, as well as a feeling of not being given enough care and attention due to the material used.

BELOVIA gives dignity back to the patient, and pride back to the carer, thanks to two products :

  • The « Belovia », a mechatronic stocking donner and class I medical device for use by professionals working in healthcare establishments,
  • OMBINÔME, a stocking donner for the general public and to be used at home.

MAT MED has taken over the activities related to Belovia (ex-OmbiStocking) electromedical extenders since October 2021, allowing to safeguard a 100% French technology and a Made in France manufacturing.

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The target client base of BELOVIA is clearly Europe, which is the natural market for medical devices:

  • our solutions are commercially viable in a majority of countries,
  • production series are industrial at European scale,
  • European regulations are harmonised.

BELOVIA has its own development tools and regularly undertakes investments in its production tools. Our industrial partners are cherry-picked from the very best in Europe for all technically sensitive tasks. Our products therefore offer a high level of safety and traceability.

Depending on the geographical area, we work with distributors so as to ensure we perfectly meet the expectations, culture and customs in force in each country.

We offer our products in packs with lease, training, after-sales service and extended warranty so as to optimise use by users.

In 2013, BELOVIA was awarded with the Charles Foix grant.

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